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SSI was engaged to facilitate the development of a business strategy for a service provider to the funds management industry.  The client, a global firm based in London, had a unique service offering that provided high quality and low cost web based services and hosting facilities to the fund management industry.

The firm had undergone rapid growth over the last three years and needed to align their resources to better address changing customer needs and capitalize on the unforeseen growth of their consulting operations.


SSI's brief was to develop an agenda and materials for a three day 'off-site' strategy workshop with the Executive team - and facilitate the workshop.

Workshop Agenda (key topics/flow):

  • Welcome, confirm/clarify workshop objectives, format, agenda and 'rules'

  • Team activities to:

    • breakdown office 'norms' (boss-subordinate roles) to get all participants on a level playing field. 

    • Promote creative thinking and inhibit criticism.

  • Brainstorm, part one:  What are we aiming for?

    • Discuss and agree what the firm will be doing in twelve months from now and three to five years from now.

    • Performance review: Strengths/weaknesses of existing operations (strategy, financials, staff, consulting processes etc).

  • Brainstorm, part two:  What are our stakeholders perceptions

    • Identify how the Executive team wants to differentiate their business from competition as perceived by their clients, staff, alliance partner staff, shareholders and their competitors.

  • SWOT Summary - pull out the key messages from the brainstorming sessions. Discuss the implications from these findings and impact on the firms future.

  • Develop a draft Mission Statement.

  • Develop a list of the major tasks to deliver the vision. (Strategic, legal, marketing, resourcing, financial, consulting processes, sales plan)

  • Develop a short term action plan.

  • Wrap up and next steps

  • Closing session: What are the top 5 things that must be done to overcome challenges and build on synergies?


After the workshop, SSI facilitated a workshop review session with core Executive group. Also provided a tailored strategic plan template to the client working group and provided remote guidance to create the plan.

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