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Large systems implementation projects are expensive and often quite complex. The core aspect is always ‘technology’ however it is usually ‘people, process and policy’ variables that drive up the complexity… and ultimately drive up the cost of these implementations. Fortunately Systems Integration Partners (Accenture, Deloitte etc.) have proven implementation methods, tools and processes to deliver these initiatives.

Quiet often, organizations and their Leadership struggle to find internal resources with appropriate skills to work alongside the Systems Integration Partner. Strategies and Solutions International often play a role on the ‘client side’, directly supporting Project Sponsors, Steering Committees and PMO’s – being the ‘oil between the cogs’ helping clients and Integration Partners work together more effectively.  Our key areas of focus have been:

  • Supporting client Executives to develop and socialize the Business Case for change.

  • Helping to identity and select the most appropriate Enterprise Solution and Integration Partner

  • Establishing the Governance Framework/Structure for the initiative.

  • Managing Governance processes during the implementation.


Listed below are some examples of Strategies and Solutions International’s experiences in this area.

Many organizations are often faced with opportunities to improve their business, but lack the independence or internal skills to develop a rigorous business case to assist management in making a well-informed “Go/No-Go” decisions. A good business case will clearly explain the value (sales/savings etc.), cost (time/funding/opportunity costs etc.) effort (resources/behavioral change etc/) and risk (business & project risks etc.) as well as outline implementation options/recommendations. Outlined below is a selection of our experiences in building business cases.


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