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Driving efficiencies and quality into day-to-day business is a common goal of most firms and Business Process Outsourcing or Shared Services is often the most appropriate solution.

Shared Services is often the first step in this process, whereby a firm will combine ‘common’ processes into one group/location. Some examples:

  1. Multiple countries into one location: Invoice Processing for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are migrated into a separate Shared Services Centre in Kuala Lumpur which is run independently of these markets and funded on a per-transaction - cost neutral or cost plus basis.

  2. Multiple functions in one group: Common processes (such as data entry, translation services etc.) across Divisions (Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance etc.) are run by an independent division and funded on a per-transaction - cost neutral or cost plus basis.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is when processes are contracted by a third party provider. Often these processes are ‘offshored’ to a country that has operates in a lower cost base. The key benefits are cost efficiencies, process quality and organizational flexibility (firms can move these costs from fixed costs model to variable costs, allowing flexibility to deploy funds to other business needs.).

Listed below are some examples of Strategies and Solutions International’s experiences in this area.  

Many organizations are often faced with opportunities to improve their business, but lack the independence or internal skills to develop a rigorous business case to assist management in making a well-informed “Go/No-Go” decisions. A good business case will clearly explain the value (sales/savings etc.), cost (time/funding/opportunity costs etc.) effort (resources/behavioral change etc/) and risk (business & project risks etc.) as well as outline implementation options/recommendations. Outlined below is a selection of our experiences in building business cases.


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