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Program Governance is not the same as Program or Project Management. Governance establishes the framework for how decisions are made, how information (status, issues, risks etc.) is disbursed and the roles, responsibilities and authorities of project stakeholders. Most importantly the Governance framework identifies the Project Owner along with their responsibilities and approval authorities.

Good governance starts with a strong business case. The Case clearly articulates the objectives of the program/project, the scope and approach, likely risks, assumptions and a realistic cost forecast.


Listed below are some examples of Strategies and Solutions International’s experiences in this area.

Many organizations are often faced with opportunities to improve their business, but lack the independence or internal skills to develop a rigorous business case to assist management in making a well-informed “Go/No-Go” decisions. A good business case will clearly explain the value (sales/savings etc.), cost (time/funding/opportunity costs etc.) effort (resources/behavioral change etc/) and risk (business & project risks etc.) as well as outline implementation options/recommendations. Outlined below is a selection of our experiences in building business cases.


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