Program Management - Supply Chain - Japan


A global firm’s operations in Japan had initiated a complex program to reengineer their end-to-end supply chain; systems, processes and people. The supply chain involved many parties (importers, suppliers, distributors, transport, integrators) with upwards of 5,000 people being ‘touched’ by the initiative.


After an initial attempt to secure a locally based firm with appropriate skills and experience to manage a program such as this, the Executive decided a fresh start was required. Strategies & Solutions International was asked to reestablish the Program Office and develop an RFP to secure a locally based program management team to run the expected 2 year program duration.



  1. Conducted a ‘program health check’ to determine strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement:

    • Clarified the current scope of the initiative

    • Clarified the reasons why the Executive felt a fresh start was required.

    • Met with the key stakeholders to gather their input on the way forward.

    • Reviewed program documentation

    • Reviewed progress against plan

    • Reviewed current project/program management processes

    • Developed/presented a set of recommendations to the Executive.

  2. Immediately implemented the ‘quick win’ recommendations

  3. Took over interim control of the program office

    • Realigned each project streams goals, approach and project processes

    • Drafted and communicated a revised project charter

    • Day to day management until long term PMO secured

  4. Developed an RFP for a long term PMO solution

  5. Released the RFP to a limited group of PMO candidate firms.

  6. Managed the RFP process

    • Candidate firms briefing sessions.

    • Response assessment, interviews and short-listing processes

    • Second round responses and analysis

    • Selected components of the contract negotiation process

  7. Managed the PMO decision and appointment process for the new PMO

  8. Developed and managed a process to transition the PMO team

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