Business Process Reengineering - Logistics & Distribution - Australia


Managed a Business Process Reengineering (BPR) project for an Australian based international transport and logistics company. The firm had recently acquired a similar organization and as part of the integration of this business needed to reengineer the end-to-end parcel acceptance processes. In addition to integrating the new business, the key driver was to improve overall customer satisfaction.


High level approach:

  1. Clarified and locked the project scope with the Executive Management team.

  2. Drafted project charter and project approach documents, then conducted one-on-one meetings with the key executives to gain their input and support.

  3. Ran workshops with relevant staff to brainstorm process weaknesses and strengths from both organizations.

  4. From these workshops, identified client team members for the project team.

  5. Tailored a proven BPR methodology for the project team to document “As Is” and develop “To Be” processes (narratives, polices & flowcharts).

  6. Determined how the process changes will affect existing technology.

  7. Managed the technical changes (outsourced to 3rd  Party)

  8. Managed the subsequent pilot program to test/refine the new processes.

  9. Handed over the pilot results and implementation plan to rollout new processes and technology to the Executive.

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