BPR: Accounting Centre Amalgamation - China


A global firm’s business in China was expanding rapidly after several years of sporadic growth. The supporting business infrastructure followed the geographic growth and as a result there were many functions that were duplicated across China. The Finance function had several offices, all with their own business processes.


As part of finance systems replacement project, Strategies & Solutions International were asked to develop a plan and manage the consolidation of several accounting centres and to develop a common set of finance processes (SOX compliant) for use across China.



1.     Lock down the scope and resources with the project sponsor

2.     Develop approach and confirm with sponsor

3.     Refine proven BPR methodology to suit the dynamics of this project.

4.     Develop material for and run a workshop with the China BPR team to:

a.     Engage project team members, explain scope and approach

b.     Tailor BPR methodology, building China team ownership of approach

c.     Prioritize the 30 processes in scope

d.     Develop next steps for each process

5.     Develop a ‘Decision Group’ process to have each process signed off by the China Finance Management team.

6.     Manage the BPR project (‘As Is – To Be; documentation and sign off)

Project delivered on time and as scoped.

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